Masterclasses July 2018

4-8 July 2018


 July 4, 2018


 Zutphen, Nederland


 Tineke Haveman

Zutphen Zomer Academy 2018: “Venice”

In July 2018 the Zomer Academy returns for another five days of masterclasses, presentations, workshops and concerts throughout the city. We offer professionals, students and advanced amateurs the opportunity to study with leading performers in the field of early music, both vocal and instrumental.

“Special emphasis on recitative, dialogues and arias from Monteverdi’s Venetian operas… ” Read more about theorbo player/lutenist Fred Jacobs’ masterclass

If you are not improving, it’s not because you lack innate talent. It’s because you’re not practicing the right way. Read more about trumpeter Susan Williams’ workshop on quality practice (trumpet)

“For my masterclass I’m looking for five or six keen traverso players who will work on Italian repertoire and improvisation in ornamentation”. Read more about Kate Clark’s masterclass

Take a look behind the scenes of historically inspired performance practice at a masterclass and/or listen to the results at one of the many concerts.

The theme for 2018 is Venice, but there will of course be some Bach on the menu too…


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